An Epos about Korkyt


It is a website with interactive elements which illustrates ancient kazakh legend.

Link to the story:

This legend is about real existed person Korkyt. He was born somwhere between 8th and 10th century and was a great thinker, philosopher and narrator who remained in the history of kazakh culture by creating a string musical folk instrument - kobyz.

Horizontal scrolling helps reader to better feel the passage of time inside the story.

Korkyt by himself was a baksy(shaman). So in my work I wanted to convey this atmosphere through cave paintings and with landscapes to show his connection with the nature.

Cave paintings also plays role of a graphic element that sends the viewer far back to ancient times, showing how old this story is.
Additionally I took shapes of them (lines and dots) as a base for absatrct colourfull elements which illustrated the magic while he was playing on musical instruments. 

Interacting with the content the reader can also learn new interesting things about kazakh culture.